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Next Year! The Capital of Wales Will Hold The Biggest Business Expo, Cardiff Introbiz 2018…

SAVE THE DATE Next Year! Capital of Wales Biggest Business 2018 #IntrobizExpo at MotorpointArena Cardiff Wednesday 21st Thursday 22nd November 7am-4pm… It’s going to be even BIGGER!!!in 60,000 sqft 1floor venue new floorplan…… Reserve your STAND NOW


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Alphabet beats Wall Street estimates; revenue up 21 percent

By David Ingram and Rishika Sadam (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc surpassed expectations for quarterly revenue and earnings on Monday, reporting higher advertising sales across its platforms and trying to move past a record $2.7 billion European Union fine by taking the entire charge at once. On a consolidated basis, revenue rose about 21 percent to […]

EU fines Google a record €2.42bn

It is for allegedly abusing its dominant position to manipulate search engine results for its own benefit. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices

Google Attribution aims to help marketers identify most influential ads

A new tool from Google aims to give digital advertisers deeper insight into the consumer’s shopping journey. #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe

Relax – Google Won’t Share Your Browsing History With Employers

Google has denied a flurry of reports suggesting that it will let prospective employers see your browsing history through its new recruitment tool, Google Hire. The story gained traction Monday after a number of news outlets, including the U.K.-based tabloids Daily Mail and The Sun, suggested that the search giant would be at least technically…

Here’s The Google Cloud News You Can Use

This week at its Google Cloud Next tech event, the Internet search giant rolled out a slew of new cloud services and updates to existing products. Here are a few that Fortune 500 companies might want to check out. New Product Support Google’s new tiered engineering support plan will charge customers on a per-user basis…

Google is Studying How Robots Will Collaborate

Technologists are still working to perfect A.I. and automation technologies that can accomplish one or two tasks–say, driving or fraud detection–in a very complex world. But it’s not hard to envision a future in which multiple computer agents will work together to solve even bigger problems. In a recent experiment, Alphabet Inc’s DeepMind team set…

Apple, Facebook, and Google Top Greenpeace Energy Report Card

Tech companies love to tout how energy efficient and sustainable their data centers are getting. Now it appears that progress is being made toward sustainability, according to the “Clicking Clean” report released Tuesday by the environmental watchdog group Greenpeace. The advocacy group uses the annual report to rate big cloud computing and other tech companies…

Google Sued and Accused by Employee of Being Too Confidential

A Google product manager has sued the company, accusing it of unlawfully prohibiting employees from sharing concerns with coworkers, shareholders or the press, and maintaining a “spying program” to prevent leaks. In the class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday in California state court in San Francisco, the employee, identified only as “John Doe,” says Google’s…

Letters: tech companies must take responsibility for algorithms

Google and others reap profits from their searches and they should be properly controlled Carole Cadwalladr is absolutely right to highlight how Google’s autocomplete and algorithmic search results can reinforce hate speech and stereotypes (“Google is not ‘just’ a platform”, Comment). But she is less right to claim I tried to absolve Google of responsibility […]