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Bierkeller Business Exhibitions around the UK

Bierkeller Business Expo – Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool

After a successful business expo in Bierkeller Cardiff in 2016, this year Indaba Events who hosted the event with Bierkeller, are running a number of UK Business Expos for the Bierkeller Group in 2017.

The first one is once again in the fabulous Welsh Capital City of Cardiff on 23rd March 2017.  Here is the link to book your visitors/guest badge.

All early bird stands have been sold, but they do have just 9 stands left at £75, which are going quickly.

If you are interested, give them a call today.  Where else can you exhibit your business in Cardiff for less than £100?

Looking to expand your business in 2017 or do some networking in the North of England, UK?  Then check out the following Business Expo’s for 2017:

Bierkeller Business Expo – Leeds              27 April 2017
Bierkeller Business Expo – Manchester    11th May 2017
Bierkeller Business Expo – Liverpool         25th May 2017

More details will be provided shortly.  All are just as affordable as the Cardiff Bierkeller Expos!

If you are interested in attending, or want some information about Exhibiting give Indaba a call or drop them an email.

Call: 02921 790 975 or email:


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The website reseller business opportunity page is written “By Mike Armstrong”

3 reasons for a business website upgrade!

3 reasons why you should update your website

1. Your website is loosing ranking position and web traffic if it is not mobile friendly or responsive! 

With mobile phone web usage out-weighing desk top web usage, if you have an older non responsive, non mobile friendly website you are loosing both customer and web visitors.  If people are looking for your Business, Product or Service via their phones and they can not see or reach what they need via your website they will switch to another website.  In addition Google penalises non responsive or non mobile friendly websites thus impacting the fall in web traffic and new customers still further.

A simply way to solve this problem is to create a new mobile friendly website or to convert you historical website in to a new mobile friendly website.

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With older html coded and flash websites you are constantly waiting and paying for web developers to update content and pages on your website and this can be costly and frustrating.  Often relationships can fall down and you can feel like a hostage to your web developer.

Having a new website that is built on a platform that comes with a Content Management System (CMS) can solve all of these problems for you, and as long as you can use “Microsoft Word” then you should be able to manage the content on your website.

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If you add more pages specifically for each product or service that you offers as well as a blog with posts about all that is going on with your business and offers etc. you can start to get a return on the investment shelled out for your website and have it to starting to work for you.  Especially if you can link your blog posts to your social media accounts so that you can start engaging with new and existing customers more often and more efficiently.

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Global Entrepreneurs attend UK Business Event in Wales


Introbiz held a Welsh Business Networking Event in Cardiff and Training Seminar with Global Entrepreneurs.

Global entrepreneurs Sharon Lechter, Wendy Stevens and Camilita P Nuttall spoke and offered business training, advice & motivation at a Welsh Business Networking event in Cardiff, South Wales on Monday 6th of July at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff, Wales.  

The three Global Entrepreneurs who are all also speaking at “Wales ’ biggest business Expo” hosted by Introbiz in Cardiff later this year were inspirational and full of advice & motivation.
The Global Entrepreneurs attended this Welsh Business Networking Event after recently beginning to mentor the event hosts, Introbiz Networking Club founders & entrepreneurs, Tracey and Paul Smolinski (l&r).

Wendy Stevens & Camilita P Nuttall both actually headed to Wales for the Welsh business networking event, on Monday July 6th  whilst Sharon Lechter  (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), was present via a video link. 

This very special Welsh business networking & mentoring event at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff, Wales was from 4-8pm on Monday evening.

Global marketing guru, Wendy Stevens discussed all that you needed to know about marketing and networking on LinkedIn including her system for automated LinkedIn messaging and an efficient diary management system for allowing your customers to self manage your new business appointments diary, saving you time.

For more about this Welsh business networking event in Cardiff see: The Introbiz Marketing Blog

Entrepreneur & Motivator, Camilita P Nuttall (l) was also present at this business event, and she talked about how to work a business plan and the importance of finding and hiring a business mentor.  She also motivated people to seize and make there opportunities “Fight for your future” and to never take no for an answer.

Sharon Lechter who appeared via a video link for this Welsh business event in Cardiff, talk about her alliance with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, her Master Mentorship Programme, Financial Prudence, LinkedIn & the power of collaboration.

For more information about this Welsh business networking event in Cardiff and other Business Networking & Entrepreneur events in Wales this year, head to the Introbiz website on or call the Introbiz office on 02920 291002 (mentioning WelshBiz)!

Addition Entrepreneur Event in Wales – Introbiz Bix Expo 2015

The Introbiz Business Expo 2015, which is Wales’ Biggest Business Exhibition, takes place on Thursday the 5th & Friday 6th of November at the Cardiff City House of Sport next to Cardiff City Stadium in Leckwith, Cardiff, Wales.  

Global Entrepreneurs – Sharon  Lechter and Wendy Stevens will be speaking at this Welsh Business Exhibition in Cardiff!

Global entrepreneurs Sharon Lechter and Wendy Stevens have been booked to both speak at Wales’ biggest business Expo hosted by Introbiz in Cardiff later this year.

Sharon Lechter

As a global entrepreneur, Sharon Lechter, the bestselling author of Think & Grow Rich for Women is widely credited as being the genius behind the Rich Dad brand.

Sharon has served both President Bush and President Obama, advising them on the need for financial literacy and was appointed to the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission as a national spokesperson and she has inspired change for individuals and organisations across the globe for over 30 years.

Both of these global entrepreneurs, Sharon Lechter and Wendy Stevens will be speaking at the Introbiz Biz Expo 2015 on Friday, November 6th, with Sharon Lechter appearing via a video link.

Sharon is looking forward to being a part of the Cardiff Business Exhibition and working with Introbiz further.

She said: “Even though I cannot be with you in person, I look forward to participating virtually.

“I am delighted to be working with both Tracey and Paul in the Masters Mentors Alliance.

“My greatest joy comes from working with entrepreneurs and supporting them in creating even greater success and significance in their businesses and lives! You are fabulous!”

The speakers at the Introbiz Business Expo

Wendy Stevens

Wendy is a motivational sales speaker, a championship coach and mentor.

She delivers dynamic and compelling presentations all over the world.

She not only inspires, but leaves the audience feeling empowered and able to overcome personal obstacles. Over the years, Wendy has worked with some of the biggest and most influential business people in the world – Donald Trump, Suze Orman, and Sharon Lechter.

She said: “If there was ever a Dream Team in business for me, it’s working alongside and collaborating with Sharon Lechter.

“If I could handpick my mentor for life between Oprah Winfrey, Suze Orman and Sharon Lechter, 10 times out of 10, I’d choose Sharon.”

Both Sharon and Wendy have chosen to work closely with Introbiz, to mentor, to guide and advise the business, furthering it more than ever before. Tracey and Paul have been handpicked from a number of individuals, to head over to the Bahamas and then on to Arizona this summer to learn and to be inspired to an even higher level.

Tracey & Paul Smolinski

Tracey and Paul said: “We first met Sharon three years ago in London while she was speaking and she was incredibly inspiring.

“She was the one who actually inspired Paul to understand the power of networking.

“We feel extremely honoured that Sharon and Wendy have both chosen to work closely with Introbiz over the next year – we can’t wait to see and learn how we can expand the business to benefit the network. It’s a really exciting time for us all!” 

Introbiz Business Expo 2015

Both Sharon and Wendy will be headline keynote speakers at the Introbiz Business Expo, appearing on Friday, November 6th at the Cardiff City House of Sport, next to Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith, Cardiff, Wales.

If you would like to sponsor the biggest business Expo in Wales and to join all of these businesses please call: 07517 024979.


This page was written “By Mike Armstrong” – MD of Web Marketing Agency & Web Design Company.


Business Networking Event in CardiffBook to see Global Entrepreneurs & Business Mentors Sharon Lechter, Wendy Stevens & Camilita Nuttall, when they come to Wales for this exclusive business mentoring and networking event in Cardiff, South wales…

Join Wales’ leading professional business networking company Introbiz for inspiring seminars from global entrepreneurs at their South Wales business networking event at the Mercure Holland House hotel in Cardiff, South Wales, this July.

Due to recent media coverage, including coverage on this blog, many of our readers will already be aware of recent announcements that two prominent global  entrepreneurs will be part of the 12 strong line up of “Entrepreneur keynote speakers” at the Introbiz Business Expo 2015 in November BUT now, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet some of these entrepreneur speakers, 4 months before Wales’ Biggest Exhibition is due to take place at an exclusive business mentoring and networking event in South Wales.

This exclusive South Wales Business Event is on Monday, July 6th from 4-7pm at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff, South Wales.

You are invited to join 3 fantastic entrepreneurs at this exclusive Business Event;

Motivational speaker and marketing expert, Wendy Stevens, who will be flying in from America, will be present along with international speaker, investor and author Camilita P Nuttall.

The exclusive South Wales business event will also be joined by best-selling author, Sharon Lechter, via a live Skype call.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone in business to be inspired by global entrepreneurs and even squeeze in some business networking – all for a fantastic price of just £10!

About the Global Entrepreneurs who will be present at or involved in this exclusive South Wales business event in Wales:

Sharon Lechter for Website

Sharon Lechter via Skype LIVE!
Sharon is the co-author behind the international best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. She’ll be talking about how she started her companies, her alliance with The Napoleon Hill  Foundation and her new coaching programs – Three Feet from Gold and Think & Grow Rich for Women and the Master Mentorship Program.

wendy stevens
Wendy Stevens
Wendy is the CEO of Local Guerrilla Marketing and recently co-authored Guerrilla Marketing Remix: Best of  Guerrilla Marketing with marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson. She has also worked with business magnate Donald Trump. Wendy’s seminar will be focused on how you can make the most out of your LinkedIn profile and how you can turn connections into lucrative business transactions.

Camilita Nuttall
Camilita P Nuttall
Camilita left Trinidad for the UK, penniless, to study law and after 4 years, had a net worth of almost £1 million in property. Camilita’s seminar is called ‘How to Expand your Influence and Outperform your Sales in 6 Steps.’


Spaces for this South Wales business event are limited so please book in advance.

Registration at the venue must be completed by 3:45pm as the event will start strictly at 4pm. Refreshments will be served. 

To avoid disappointment book today by contacting a member of the Introbiz team (quoting code MAC01).
Introbiz Team on 02920 291 002
Or email:

Welsh Business Event in July Summary Details:

Networking Event Location: Mercure Holland House Hotel, Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. CF24 0DD
Networking Event Date: 6 July 2015
Networking Event Time: 16:00 – 19:00 (register by 3.45pm)
Networking Event Cost: Members: £10 – Non-Members: £10
The Wales Business Networking Event for July page was written “By Mike Armstrong”