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Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Online Marketers And Marketing Agencies…
We’ve Uncovered A ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy’That Almost Nobody Knows About… 
(That Once Is In Your Hands Can Take ANY Business From ‘Startup’ To ‘Two Comma Club’ Winner Practically Overnight…) 
From Russell Brunson

Boise Idaho
Dear Friend,
On May 6th, 1965, something incredible happened…

For decades and decades prior to that date, humans believed that it was physically impossible to break the Four-Minute Mile.
But on that day, May 6th, 1965, Roger Bannister did it. 
May 6th, 1965 – Roger Banister break the Four-Minute-Mile
Here’s what’s interesting…

For decades and centuries prior to that, nobody believed it was possible. But as soon as Roger Bannister did it, people thought it was possible. 

In fact, another professional runner named John Landy saw what Roger Bannister did, and he thought, “If he can do it, I can do it”. 

And just 46 days later, he did it, and he broke the Four-Minute Mile, as well.
Since then, dozens and dozens of people have done it, but it wasn’t until one person did it that everyone else believed it was possible.
August 17th, 2004 Was The Day The Entrepreneurial “Four-Minute Mile” Was Broken For Me.
At the time, I was a young kid, still learning how this whole internet thing worked. 

I was geeking out…
I was making about $1,000 a month…(which was HUGE for me at the time)
I thought I was the smartest guy in the world…
I watched a man named John Reese (an Entrepreneur I admire) set out to do something that nobody thought was possible. 

He said,
 “I’m Going To Make A Million Dollars In ONE Day.” 
John Reese
He went out there, and put together his internet campaign.

He put a really cool funnel together, and launched it…and in just 18 hours, John Reese passed the million dollar mark over a 1-day period. Now, as a 24 year old kid watching John Reese make history, I had a major lightbulb moment…I thought,
“If John Reese, This Guy Who’s Just Like Me, Can Make A Million Dollars In A Day…
I Wonder If I Can Make A Million Dollars In A YEAR?
It was the first time that thought had ever crossed my mind.

And right in that moment, “$1 Million In One Year” became my new goal.
I started on January 1st, 2005.
I said, “This is the year I’m going to make $1 Million in a calendar year,”and I launched a ton of different products online.
12 months later, I missed my goal…
I didn’t hit the $1 Million dollars in sales that I wanted.
But… I got close. 
On January 1st, 2006, I tried again…
I was going to do a million dollars in the next 12 months.
I launched a bunch of products again. And I didn’t quite make it…again. 
January 2007, I tried again (third time’s a charm, right?)…
and by October 16th..
 I Crossed The Million-Dollar Mark
 In A Calendar Year. 
October 16th, 2007, When I Officially Joined the “Two Comma Club”
Because John Reese had broken that Entrepreneurial 4-Minute Mile, I knew that I could do it. Since then, I’ve gone on and I’ve had multiple million dollar years, and million dollar months, and even million dollar days.

That’s when I knew I wanted to create the same light-bulb momentfor my audience that I had… 
So We Did…
Last year, we created something called the Two Comma Club Award. 
(Two comma means there’s two commas in your paycheck…meaning, you made at least a million dollars inside of a funnel.)

I figured maybe we had a dozen or so people inside ClickFunnels that was eligible for the Two Comma Club Award.    
I Was SHOCKED When 93 People Walked Across My Stage In 2017 To Receive Their Award For Making It Into The Two Comma Club!   
93 People!
But something even biggerhappened that day…
At that event, there was a whole room of other entrepreneurs, looking around at all the millionaires, thinking: “That guy next to me made a million dollars? If he can do it, so can I…
Suddenly, it became not only real…but absolutely achievable for everybody
Now, We Have A New Millionaire Enter The Two Comma Club EVERY SINGLE DAYInside Of ClickFunnels!
But naturally, that led me to wonder:  “What’s the next Four-Minute Mile for my audience?” 
So, this year, at our live event, we launched something new called the Two Comma Club ‘X’ award…which means you made at least 10 million dollars inside of a funnel. 
But the BEST part is that, by the time we launched this, we already had 15 entrepreneurs who are currently making over 10 Million dollars inside ClickFunnels
Pretty amazing…right?
Here’s my goal for you…
My goal is for everyone to see this and say:
“Ok Russell…One Million Dollars Is My Four Minute Mile. That’s Doable.”
And once you hit it, then shoot for $10M…
And then $100M…
Alex And Leila Hermosi Transformed Their Collapsing Business Into A $10+ Million Dollar EMPIRE
12 months ago, at Grant Cardone’s 10X Live Event, there was a couple sitting in the audience, named Alex and Leila Hermosi.
At the time, they were going through a horribly rough patch in their business…
Their company was crumbling…
They were in the process of shutting things down, and had no idea what they were going to do next…
(Pretty terrifying position to be in…right?)
Alex and Leila Hermosi Transformed Their Collapsing Business Into a $10+ Mil Empire
After listening to my presentation at the LIVE event, they decided to make a sales funnel… 

Check out this quick video of Alex explaining what happened since then! 
They didn’t just hit their goal of “One Million Dollars in a year”…
They Blew Way Past It, And Ended Up Generating Over $10 Million With Just ONE Sales Funnel!
 The Process To ”10X Your Company In The Next 12 Months” Has Been Proven By Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Just Like You… 
All you need in order to be able to 10X your business is a sales funnel.

In fact, there’s not a company in existence that I couldn’t take, and within one or two funnels, 10X your business in the next 12 months.
It doesn’t matter if you’re currently at $50,000 a year…
Or $1 Million a year…
Or even $100 Million a year…
We can do it, because we’ve proven the process over and over again.
I Want You To Believe As Strongly And Confidently As I Do That
You Can 10X Your Business In The Next 12 Months…
Here’s the deal…
Once you believe that, I want you to make a commitment…
I want you to commit to me that as soon as you know that funnels are the key to 10X-ing your company, I want you to go ALL IN on your business.   

I know I’ve got to prove this to you, but I’m going to prove it to you beyond the shadow of doubt that funnels are the key to 10X-ing your company in the next 12 months.

I know it…

I’ve done it…

I’ve seen it over, and over, and over again…

And, we can do it with YOUR business. 
What Does It Mean To Go “ALL IN”?
These guys, they did not go all in…
They were dabbling!  
These guys right here,
…they went ALL IN!
That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
One of my favorite things Tony Robbins told me was, 
Now, At The Very End Of This Letter, I’m Going To Make You A Very Special Offer… 
In this offer, I’m going to give you guys everything you need to be able to 10X your company in the next 12 months
I’m also going to do something else…
I’m actually going to ask you guys each to give me $11,552. 
Some of you are probably looking at the eleven, and thinking, “I’m going to give Russell $11,552?” 
And some of you guys are like, “If Russell can 10X my company, I’ll give him whatever he wants,” right? 
What Is 10X For YOU?
Each entrepreneur’s company is different, right? Everyone is at different phases…
Maybe you’re at 100 grand per year… if I can 10X your company, that’s a million dollars next year. (pretty cool, right?)
Would you give me $11,552 if I can get you a million bucks next year? All right. 
And maybe you’re at the 1 millionmark right now… That means, if you’re at a million, I can 10X your company get you to 10 million. 
With Alex and Leila, it took us only eight months to get them there. 
Is that worth 11,552 bucks? ABSOLUTELY.  
And, if you’re 10 million, I can get you to 100 Million. We just passed $100 million in my company earlier this year…which means I know the process, I know the path, and we can do it through funnels. 
So, my question for you is, would you give me $11,552 if I can guarantee that I’ll 10X your company in the next 12 months, are you good with that?
 All Right, Here’s The Commitment I Need You To Make To Yourself…
I need you to say:
“Russell…I Commit That As Soon As I Know That Funnels Are The Key To 10X-Ing My Company,
I Will Go ALL IN!”. 
You Are Literally ONE Funnel Away From 10X-Ing Your Company!
For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Me… 
My name is Russell Brunson. I am a serial entrepreneur with an obsession for helping entrepreneurs around the world. Nothing gets me more excited than that. 
I’ve worked with some of the most amazing people in the world, and built funnels for people like Tony Robbins, and Marcus Lemonisfrom The Profit. 
Last year, they actually had me on the The Profit, and I had a chance to build funnels for one of Marcus’ companies, and it was insanely cool. 
My entire goal is to get everybody to understand that sales funnels are the key to growing all of our companies.
The “Anti-Sales Department”… 
So, what exactly IS a sales funnel?  
You probably understand what a traditional website is…right? 
I always call this the anti-sales department. 
We send people to these traditional websites, and it’s kind of like having a sales person there, handing people brochures…and then they step back, and they hope and pray that a sale gets made.
If you had a sales person who’s handing out brochures and then hiding, you would fire them instantly…right? 
Yet, for some reason, we’re okay with our websites doing nothing. 
For all of us who are entrepreneurs, who are spending our own money out of our own pockets to grow our companies, we have to be smarter
We have to build something where we put a dollar of advertising in and instantly get two dollars back out. That is what a sales funnel is. 
A sales funnel is kind of like taking your very best sales person that you have, cloning that person, and making it so that they:
(Doesn’t that sound a LOT more efficient and profitable than a website?)
I’m going to break this whole funnel thing down for you so it’s SIMPLE and very easy…
But first, let me show you the “hard way”, because funnels used to be super difficult.  
(That’s why nobody ever did them).
This is one of my supplement companies that we sold last year…
Now, to build this funnel, it doesn’t look that complicated, right? 
I took pictures of the different parts of the funnel, and put them on my wall because I wanted to see what it all looked like. 
It’s only, what, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight pages… 

Here’s what we had to go through to create this. 
Step #1 to creating a funnel, is that we had to design the funnel, the strategy.
Step #2 I had to write the copy. The copy is the sales letter. 
Now, our supplement was helping people with diabetic neuropathy. 
I didn’t actually know what that meant at the time, and I had no idea what we were even selling, other than we knew it worked…so I hired a copywriter to write the sales letter. 
It cost $20,000 for that sales letter!
Step #3 – After that, the project grew even more out of control…We added:
A designer to design the sales letter…
A website designer to put it online…
A programmer to hook up the shopping carts and the auto responders to get it all working…
And an analytics person…
My upfront cost to build this ONE funnel alone was $29,000! 
But the worst thing was that I had already ordered the supplements, and they were sitting in a warehouse gathering dust for eight weeks. 
That’s how long it took us to build this one funnel. 
Then we finally had a chance to launch it, it was awesome, but that’s why most people have struggled in this business for so long.
I want to help free you as an entrepreneur to generate your own leads and sales… 

…WITHOUT being tied down by tech people!
So I’m going to share with you the Three Secrets of Funnel Hacking.
 Secret #1:  
 Whoever Can Spend The Most Money To Acquire A Customer WINS.
This is the foundation of funnels…
When you understand this, everything else becomes really, really easy, and you’ll have the ability to get unlimited leads for FREE for the rest of your life. 
One of my first mentors, Dan Kennedy, said: 
“A business beats his competition by making the exact same prospect worth more to his business than to that of his competitors.” 
I launched my company, ClickFunnels, about three years ago

It was just me and a couple other guys in a tiny office.  

We had no money.
We had no venture backed capital.
We had nothing…just a dream and a vision. 
We we launched ClickFunnels…
At the time, we were like, “Well, who’s our competitors? Who are we competing against?” 
We quickly found these are our two competitors…
The first competitor got $38 million in funding…

And the second got $127 million in funding. 
I literally had a visa with a $1,000 dollar limit on it…that, and a dream and a vision. 
So…How Did We WIN Against Those BIG Players In The Industry?
The other businesses could completely outspend me, yet we were able to take ClickFunnels from zero to over $100 million in sales in just three years, demolishing both competitors…
…and, we did it without taking on a penny of outside capital. 
Since we’ve started doing this, we have a whole bunch of venture capitals who come to us, and try to give us money.
One day I was just curious, and I wanted to see what they think we’re actually worth… 
(I had no idea, this is a whole world that’s beyond me, I just know how to sell stuff.)
So, we went to lunch with one of these VCs, and they started asking me all these questions. 

He said,
“How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?” 
If you guys watch Shark Tank, they always ask that…
So I responded, “Well, when we drive ads, we buy a bunch of ads and we drive them to It costs us about $120 to get a free trial.”  

The guy was licking his chops…
He said, “Okay, if we gave you $50 million in funding, that equals X amount of customer,” and do all the math in his head.
I was like, “Whoa, slow down… We actually turned those ads off.”

I have to pay for those ads. I have to pull my wallet out and pay for every one of those customers, and I couldn’t float $120 for every free customer that signed up.
So I had to do things different, and think smarter.

Then I showed him how we do it…
We run ads, and I don’t sell ClickFunnels upfront.  

Instead, I drive people to a sales funnel.
I’ve got a whole bunch of sales funnels that sell different things.
On average, right now, it costs about $20 in ads to sell one copy of my book.
Now, you guys know I give my book away for free, plus shipping, but when someone buys, they go through this funnel.
That means there’s an upsell, there’s a down-sell.
I’ve sold the audiobook…
I’ve sold the training program…
…and a bunch of other things like that.
Right now, I spend $20 on ads to sell a book...and I make about $40.

I get $20 cash net profit into my pocket.
And, I get a customer!

Then I tell the customer, “Hey, there’s this really cool software called ClickFunnels, you should try it,” and they try it for free.
Not only is it not costing me $120 to get the customer, I got paid $20 before I even told that customer about what I’m trying to sell them.
Are You Getting The POWER Of This?
The VC didn’t.
I explained it once…
I explained it a second time…
Finally, he said, “So, people actually pay you to become a lead…
And then they read your book and they’re completely indoctrinated into your belief system…
And then they sign up, and it doesn’t cost you anything?”
Yep…pretty awesome, right?
Then it finally clicked… and he said:
 “If What You’re Saying Is True…
This Will Change Business As We Know It Forever.”
I said, “Yeah, I know…”
That’s my mission. That’s what I’m trying to tell people.
This one funnel alone is now worth more to me than the $127 million in funding.
We blew past both of the competitor companies in less than three years.
That’s the power of sales funnels. 
So, Here’s The Big Secret…
When you have a funnel that’s created the right way, you can instantly outspend your competitors and ethically steal all potential customers in your market.
Even with my competitors dumping as much as cash as they can, my ads are still burying them.
We can outspend everybody, that’s the key.
So, You’re Probably Thinking… 
 “What Kind Of Funnel Should I Use?” 
It depends on the kind of business you have…
I went through and segmented our ClickFunnels users into 10 markets:
1. Agencies or Freelancers
2. People selling information products
3. People selling eCommerce products
4. Coaches or Consultants
5. Network marketers
6. Local businesses (chiropractors, dentists, realtors, etc..)
7. Business-to-business (B2B) companies
8. Bloggers or Affiliate marketers
9. Non-profits.
10. People who are just getting started
Here’s the cool thing…

Whatever business you’re in, there is a funnel for that.

But… how do you actually know what type of funnel to build?

We use a cool process we call… 
Funnel Hacking.
Here’s how Funnel Hacking works…

The first process I learned from Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins told me,
“If You Want To Achieve Success, All You Need To Do Is Find A Way To ModelThose Who Have Already Succeeded.” 
I was a wrestler growing up.

When I first got started, I was not only not good, I was bad.

My first year, I got beat almost every single time.

At the end of the season, my dad took me to the state tournament, and one of the guys on my high school’s team won the state title.

My dad videotaped what he did, and we watched it.

That whole summer, we watched the video of this guy wrestling.
All summer long I practiced, and I practiced, and I practiced.
I Found Someone Who Was Good, And I Modeled Them.
In a very short period of time, I went from being a really bad wrestler…

To being a state champ…

To going to high school nationals, and taking second place in the country…

To becoming an All American, and eventually going to college and being one of the top 10 wrestlers in the country.
I Found People Who Were Super Successful And Modeled What Worked.
When I started business, it was the same thing. Towards the end of college, I didn’t care about classes, I just knew I wanted to make money.

So I started learning about this internet thing.

I jumped online, and started seeing people who were successful. 

So I started modeling what they were doing.
Within A Year Of Graduating From College, I Made Over A Million Dollars Online.
The same thing is true for sales funnels…
 You Do NOT Need To Be A Sales Funnel Genius!
You don’t have to geek out like I do every single day.

All you’ve got to do is find someonein your industry (or in a similar industry) who’s having success, and then model them.
“”Well, that’s cool Russell, but I’ve got a different, better way to do things…””
People say this to me all the time…

I always smile at them and say,

You can always tell who the pioneers are because they’ve got   arrows in their back, and they’re lying face down in the dirt. 
You Do NOTWant To Be A Pioneer In This Industry!
You don’t want to go “try” things.

I was at an event where Porter Stansberry, who works for Agora Publishing, was speaking on stage. 

They do over $1.5 billion a yearselling financial newsletters…biggest financial newsletter company in the world!

Porter was showing his sales funnels, and going through all this numbers and metrics. 

And in the middle of his presentation, he stopped, turned to the audience, and said something that changed my life…

He said,
“Every single year there’s people who see what we’re doing here at Agora Publishing. And they want to compete against us.”

The first thing they do is try to beat us on pricing.

BUT – We know from decades of doing this, that you cannot make those numbers work, the metrics just don’t work.

Eventually, they figure that out and try something different.

They try three or four things, and eventually they go bankrupt and they lose their business.

If you want to compete with Agora Publishing, you can’t try to compete with us…

You’ve got to copy us.”
That’s When The Light Bulb Went Off In My Head.
So, Step One in this funnel hacking process is to find somebody to funnel hack.

When we were launching our supplement company for people with diabetic neuropathy, I started looking for someone out there to model…

I asked myself,

“Who else out there is having success?”

I came across one of the ugliestwebsites I have ever seen in my life.

But I also I found that they were making about $100,000 a monthselling this supplement.

Initially, I wanted to make it different, because I know a better way to do it.

And then I stopped and thought,
“Wait A Minute… Maybe They Have Some Arrows In Their Back.    
Maybe They Know Something I Don’t Know.”  
Instead of trying to be creative and do my own thing, I modeled the funnel.
I did not copy it. (there’s a difference, I want to stress that).  

But I modeled the look…

The feel…

The layout…

The price points…

They had a big logo on the left-hand side, So I had a Big logo on the left-hand side.

They had a phone number on the right-hand side, I had a phone number.

They had sales letter and the pitch at the bottom. So did I.
We model one of the ugliest website I have ever seen in my life.
 In A Very Short Period Of Time, This Website Started Making Us  About $20,000 A Month!!
Pretty cool…right? 

But I knew there had to be something else they were doing that I was missing.
So I did what every good entrepreneur has to become good at doing…
I Pulled My Wallet Out Of My Pocket, Pulled My Credit Card Out,And I Bought Their Product. 
I wanted to know what they were doing behind the scenes of their initial offer.

Unfortunately for me (and also for them), they didn’t have much on the backend.
The funnel just ended.

I knew there had to be somebodyout there who knows what they’re doing in this industry.
I started looking online, and found a supplement company.

I actually met the owner of it, and they were doing about $3 Million per month selling their supplement!

Their website looked different…

There was a video, and an “Add to Cart” button.

I clicked on the button, it took me to an order form page.

On the order form they offered a choice of 1, 3, or 4 bottles.
I had never seen anything like it, but they were making $3 Million a month, so I kept an open mind… 

I wanted to see what else they’re doing behind the scenes of their front-end offer.

So, I did what every good entrepreneur has to become good at doing…

I pulled my credit card out of my wallet, and I bought the product.

And then something CRAZYhappened…
I Got To The Next Page, And He Up-Sold Me Six More BottlesOf The Exact Same Thing I Just Purchased! 
I thought he was completely out of his mind.

Then, I took my pride, hung it up on the shelf, and thought,

“Maybe, they’ve got some arrows in their back, maybe they know something I don’t know…”

So, I logged into ClickFunnels and began building out the pages.

I didn’t copy anything…

But I modeled the look, the feel, the layout, the price points, the structure…

I had an order form with 1, 3, and 4 bottles, just like they had.

I had an upsell with 6 more bottles of the exact same thing.

The entire process looked very similar.
And then we launched it…
This Funnel Went From Making $20,000 A Month…  
 …To Almost $20,000 PER DAY! 
Are you getting this?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Just go to find what’s already working and then model it.
But Don’t Take It From Me…
My friends Drew Canole and his partner Jamel own a company called Organifi. Shortly after I launched my supplement funnel, I had them model it because it was working so well…

Check out this video of what happened to their Organifi business…
Jamel’s Testimonial
One Year After They Launched This Funnel, They Didn’t Just 10X Their Business…
They 20Xd It!
They did $20 million in that funnel, just in Year One alone…and it’s grown since then. 

You are one funnel away from 10X-ing your company, I promise you that.

You’re that close!
   Who Do Funnels Work For? 
They work for ALL different kinds of businesses…

If your business depends on LEADSor SALES, funnels will work for you.  

Let me give you some quick examples:
  Agencies And Freelancers
Here is an example of one of my friends, who lives in the Philippines.  

The lady that runs this site is almost to the point where she’s about to pass $100,000 in sales for her agency.  

The average Filipino earns just a couple hundred per month… making her one of the richest people there now.
Here is one of my info product funnels…

This funnel sells my books, we upsell our audiobooks, courses, etc… 
In The Last 8 Months, This Funnel Has Sold Over 100,000 CopiesOf My Book…
…And Drove Thousands, And Thousands Of People Into ClickFunnels! 
If you’re selling information products, you should funnel hack this funnel, this is the process.
This is one of Trey Lewellen’s funnels…

He is one of our ClickFunnels members, who had Shopify stores selling a bunch of stuff. 

One of his Shopify stores was selling flashlights…but at the time it was one of his duds, it just wasn’t working. 

So he built out a funnel inside ClickFunnels, shifted it from and eCommerce-style storefront, to an OFFER where people buy the flashlight, and he had upsells like battery packs, warranties, etc… 
This Funnel Did $20 Million In The First Six Weeks After It Launched! 
Right now he’s got the record for the fastest, biggest funnel inside of ClickFunnels… and he was selling flashlights!
  Coaches And Consultants
This is my coaching funnel…
It costs me, on average, $30-$40 to generate a lead.

And then on the backend, we make about $1,500 for every one of those leads that happen. 

This little funnel is a side business. 

I’ve got one salesperson who calls my application leads, and does over $2.5 Million dollars a year just on the side through this coaching funnel.
  Network Marketers
Stephen Larsen is a network marketer…

He NEVER has to try to recruit friends and family because he drives all the people he needs through a network marketing funnel. 
People come to this page, where he pre-sells them on why he’s amazing, then they fill out an application before he even tells them what is he selling. 

He builds a relationship with them, and then on the third page, then he tells them, “Oh, by the way, this is what we sell,”.  

And he signs up 30-60 people each month, just because they have a relationship with him. 

He takes them through the funnel to build a relationship before he signs people up. 
  Local Businesses
This is one of the easiest funnels in the world… 

I could show you probably 40 or 50 chiropractors…

Or 400-500 gym owners, who are building simple funnels just like this, and they are blowing up their gyms and chiropractor places like crazy. 
  B2B Lead Generation
If you’re B2B and just looking for more lead gen, this is a really powerful B2B lead funnel that’s working really, really well…
  Bloggers And Affiliates
This is one of my blogger friends…

She drives swarms of people from her blog into her funnels. 

She launched this first funnel during Christmas time, and generated about $20,000-$30,000 in the first weekend!
  Non Profits
This is our first non-profit who hit the Two Comma Club (meaning, they generated MORE than $1 Million through a funnel inside ClickFunnels.) This funnel is for a Christian non-profit camp for kids, and it’s crushing it. 
There Is NO Business That I’ve Come Across Where A Funnel Won’t Work…
Even if your business is running trips where you take people to go hunt for Big Foot… 

This dude literally does that.
He’s got a ClickFunnels page, and at first I didn’t believe it. I thought this was a joke…

But I looked up his stats, and he generated $18,000 in the last few months selling trips to go hunt Big Foot with him!
Here’s My Point…
It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

I promise you, there’s a funnel for you that we can take,  implement your business, and blow it up. 
  “But Russell…Where Do You Find The BEST Funnels? How Do You Know Which Ones Actually Make Money?” 
You don’t want to funnel hack someone who’s broke, right? 

You want to funnel hack the winners. 

Here’s what I do:

Step #1:  I go to a website called 

ClickBank has over 100,000 successful sales funnels that you can model. 

Everything from fitness, to finance, to business…you name it!
There’s even obscure funnels, like teaching people how to build chicken coops. 

Again, I thought this was a joke!  

But I contacted the owner of the funnel, and he showed me his numbers…
This Guy Is Killing It Teaching People How To Build Chicken Coops! 
I don’t care if you’re selling cars, or business, or weight loss, or chicken coops…there’s a funnel on ClickBank you can model.
At the very top of, you’ll find the “Marketplace”.

Click on the marketplace, and then it takes you to a directory that categorizes products based on industry. 

You can click on the category you want, and it will show you which products are making the MOSTmoney today. 

Step #2: – I find a funnel. But not just any one…

I go to the #1 product in that category…
Step #3: – I funnel hack it. (A.K.A. Buy the product)

This is where I have to do what all good entrepreneurs have to become good at doing…
I pull my wallet out of my pocket, and I buy their product. 
Step #4 – I get the whiteboard, and I sketch it out the funnel.  

  • What does Page #1 look like?

  • What is the price point? 

  • What about Page #2, Page #3, Page #4…and so on? 

  • Now, I know what I need to create. 

  • I’ve got a business model that’s SUPER successful, and can go do something with it. 
 That’s The Power Of Funnel Hacking! 
This is how you ethically steal over a million dollars worth of funnel hacks from your competitors for under $100.
 Secret #2:
How To Get The BEST Salesperson On Planet Earth To Close Sales For Your Product 24/7…
(Without Ever Complaining, Asking For A Raise, Or Taking A Break!)
I want you to understand that the best sales person inside of your company is probably YOU! 

I’m the best sales person on planet Earth to sell ClickFunnels. 
There’s nobody that believes in it more than I do.

There’s nobody who can sell it better than I do. 

So, guess what? 

I’m the one who goes and I sell it, all day long, every single day, because I LOVE it that much.
We were meeting with Ty Lopez at his house, and one of his partners was there and asked, 
“So, How Many Salespeople Do You Have At ClickFunnels?” 
I smiled, and said, “How many do you think?” 

He said, “Well, I know all these other companies that you’re competing against, and most of them have sales floors of 100 people or more.” 

I smiled and was like, “We’ve got ONE.” 

I went from having 60 full-time sales people in an office, to replacing them with ONE sales funnel. 

That way, I get to do my own pitch. 

I make sure my pitch is perfect. 

I can test it, I can tweak it, and then after I have it perfect and it works, I don’t touch it again.
Here’s The Awesome Part…
When my funnel works, when the sales process is in place, if I wake up in the day in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter.

I still close the exact same percentage rate

If I’m tired that day.. If I’m sick… If I want to go on vacation… If I want to take a year off…

It doesn’t matter!
My Funnel Keeps On Closing Every Single Day For Me.
After the successful launch of my first book “Dot Com Secrets” book, Tony Robbins called me up on the phone. 

(Which is like the coolest thing in the world, right?)

He said, “Russell, I saw your book launched, it’s doing really good. I’m about to launch my book, do you have any pointers for me?” 
So I told him about my sales funnel, and how I sell the books.

I walked him through the wholeprocess…

That’s when he asked, Can you build one for me?” 
I said “Yes! But I need one thing from you…”

I asked Tony,
“Who do you think the best salesperson is on planet Earth to sell your book?” 
He said, “Well, me, of course.” 


I needed to capture him on video selling his own book. If I had that, I could build the funnel out, and that’s all I needed. 

I said, “Tony, I can do this, but I need a day of your time.” 

He said, “No.” 

I said “Okay, I need 6 hours of your time.”
He’s said, “No.” 

Finally, I asked, How much time can I have?” 

He’s like, “I’ll give you one hour.” 

So, we rented a hotel room in Vegas where he was at.  

We set up the lights and the camera, and everything.

Tony came in, and we grabbed him and sat him down, and I said, 
“Okay Tony, here’s your book, you’re the best salesperson on planet Earth to sell this book… so sell me the book.” 
Working with Tony Robbins
We clicked record, and all of the sudden, Tony did what he does best and he explained why his book is the greatest book in the world and why he should buy it. 

That was the first step in the funnel. 

Next thing, we needed an upsell…

So I grabbed another product of his, and said, “Tell me why this is the best thing in the world,” and then Tony sold that and went through the entire funnel. 
Page #1 was Tony selling his book….
Page #2 was Tony upselling his Ultimate Edge program…
And Page #3 was Tony upselling his Love and Relationships program.
I had gotten videos of the best salesperson on planet Earth selling his product…

All I needed to do was plug it in the funnel. 

From now, for the rest of time, that’ll sell his book for him over and over, and over, and over again. 
And ONE Hour Of His Time Is What It Took. 
People always ask me, 
“Russell, What Do I Say On The Video? 
I know how to sell face to face, selling to someone on the phone is easy, but when I’m standing in front of a camera, how do I say it?”
It’s really easy. 

Here’s the script…

It’s called the “Who, What, Why, How” script.  

#1) WHO are you? 
#2) WHAT do you have for your person who’s watching this video? 
#3) WHY do they need it? 
#4) HOW can they get it?
It’s The Easiest Script In The World, And It’s Magic. 
Want to see a quick example?  

I take my phone out, click record, I say,
(Who am I?) “Hey, my name’s Russell Brunson, I’m here today at the 10X event, I’m just really, really excited.” 

(What do I have?) “I’ve got a really cool book I want you guys all to buy, it’s called Expert Secrets.” 

(Why do they need it?) “You need this book because if you’ve got a message, you’ve got a voice, you want to share your message with more people, you need this book.” 

(How do you get it?) “Fill out the form on the side, let me know where to ship your book, put your credit card in, we’ll ship one out to you.”
That’s it. That’s literally all there isto it.  

$100 million in the last three years with an iPhone, using who, what, why, how. 

It doesn’t matter what you are selling…this is the script you can use over and over, and over again, on your funnels. 
This Script Will Make You Insane Amounts Of Money! It’s Fast, It’s Simple, And Doesn’t Have To Be Highly Produced.
After you’ve got the videos to sell the products in your funnel, whatever business you’re in, now you’ve got to plug them in to an actual funnel.

Back in the day, we would take these assets, and then I’d have a meeting with my team. 

  • We’d have designers…

  • Programmers…

  • Webmasters…

  • Analytics people…

And it became a huge pain in the butt.  

I’d tell them all this stuff, I’d given them the videos, and they’d go and they’d spend the next two or three months building out a sales funnel.
That’s how business was for me for the first 10 years of my career. 

It took forever. 

I’m here to talk to you guys about a new way, a better, way through a tool that we’ve created called ClickFunnels. 
Now, obviously, I’m kind of obsessed with ClickFunnels, and I don’t want you to think I’m biased, so I’ve got a really quick video I want to show from one of my friends, Garrett J. White, who actually transitioned all four of his companies over to ClickFunnels. 

I want you to hear in his own words what he said, and why he made the transition..
I want to show you that building funnels doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming…

In fact,
I’m Going To Build An Entire Funnel With You In REAL TIME In About Seven Minutes…
Check out my funnel building demo here:
Isn’t It INCREDIBLE What ClickFunnels Can Do?
We have simplified this process literally to un-handcuff entrepreneurs and sales people. 

   • You can get your phone out…

   • Record the video…

   • Upload it to YouTube…

   • Pick the template you like…

   • Drag your video in…

   • Copy and paste…

…And within minutes, your entire sales funnel is done, and ready to generate leads 
to sell your products, and you make a bunch of money. 
“But Russell… My Business Is Different. Is This Going To Work For MY Business?”
My answer is the same every time…

Only works for businesses that are trying to either generate leads or sell products. 

As long as you’re trying to generate leads or sell products, ClickFunnels is going to work for your business.
 Secret #3:
How To Get The Exact Same Customers Who Are Currently Going Through Your Competitors’ Funnels, 
And Start Coming To YOUR Funnels Instead.
This is where it all becomes really, really fun..                

I told you earlier about Venus Factor. 

I’m going to go back to, this is Venus Factor, they’re in the #1 spot right now in their category. 
Can you imagine if I just called up Venus Factor, and was like, 
“Hey guys, I know you’re incredibly rich, 100 grand a day, I’m doing the math… 

You’re rich enough at this point…

Would you mind telling me where you get all your traffic from? 

Because I kind of made something similar and I would love to get all of your leads to come to me instead.”
They’d hang up, right? 

Now, unfortunately, they’re not going to tell you all the information, but the good thing about the internet is there’s websites that will. 

They’ll tell you every single thingabout what everybody’s doing, there’s no way to hide it online.
One of my favorite sites is a website called
It’s a really cool website that will show you where people are getting their traffic from. 
So, I go to…

I type in the website URL of the people that I’m funnel hacking (like…

I click on the search button, and then, boom!  

It shows all the data about what’s happening on that website.
For Venus Factor, it shows they’re getting between 1-3 million visitors a month right now to their funnel. 

Here’s what’s really cool…

They have this section that says the “top referring websites”, (A.K.A. who’s referring them all the traffic.)
You can see it all spelled out EXACTLY where their traffic is coming from…
   • Traffic source #1, is

   • Traffic source #2, is…

   • Traffic source #3, is…and so on. 
Based on the green measurements bar, it looks like a third of their traffic is coming from there, so I KNOW that about 1 Million people each month are coming from

If you scroll down a little further on the page, it talks about all the display advertising, there’s a big button that says, “Show the ads.”
I call this the, “Show me the money,” button. 
Click on that button, and guess what it shows you? ALL the ads that they have ever ran from the beginning of time until now. 

(This is the free version of the site). 

If you upgrade to the paid version, not only does it show you all the ads they ran, it’ll say, 

“This ad ran for like two weeks, and we never saw it again…”


“This ad’s been running for 728 days and it’s still live right now.”
What do you know about an ad that’s been 

running for 728 days and it’s still live?
You know one of two things… Either:

They’re venture backed, and they’re just burning money, and they hate money

The ad is actually working. 

 If this happens, then I know two things: 

#1) I know exactly where they’re advertising. 
#2) I know exactly what they’re saying to get people to click on the ad to come into the funnel. 
Now, if you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve laid out so far, if we have all this information, where they’re advertising, what they’re saying, what do you think we should do? 

We model the ads, and model how it works. 

The next step is getting my banner ads designed. 

When I do that, I’m going to model the message…

I model the design…

And the sizes…

The place I go to get my banner ad designs is a website called 

You show them the banner ads of the people you’re trying to funnel hack.

And you say,

“I need something similar. I don’t want to copy them, but something similar.”

For 20 bucks, they made me an ad that looks very similar. 

I didn’t copy anything. 
They had a pretty girl on the image, I have a pretty girl. 

They had a purple headline, I had a purple headline, (but it’s my own unique purple headline), 
I just modeled the look, the feel, and the layout, because they’ve PROVEN that people are clicking on that ad.
It’s Not About Reinventing The Wheel.
It’s About Modeling It.
After the banner ad is done, I go back to the exact same website that they’re buying ads on, and I buy ads on it, as well. 
Did You Have A Little “Aha” Moment Right There? 
There’s a lot of ways to drive traffic into funnels, and you should be doing all of them
For me, most of the ways that I drive traffic though are complicated and hard, and they take technical people.
When I first got started, it was Google Ads… 

I tried to do Google Ads, but it was so confusing. 

Luckily, Google came and slapped everyone, I’m like, “Oh, thank heavens, I don’t have to learn it.”
The next thing was SEO… 

I was learning about H1 tags, and title tags, and linking, and all sorts of stuff. 

Then Google came and slapped it like five or six times and kicked everybody out, and again I was like, “Oh, thank heavens.”
Then Facebook came around… 

Facebook’s easier, but it’s still above my head. 

John, on my team, runs the Facebook ads because he’s smart enough to figure it out. 
But this strategy that I mentioned? This is something I can do!

All I have to find out is, “Where are my competitors getting all their traffic from?” 

I find the website that the traffic is coming from, call them up, and buy some ad space. Within 30 seconds, my ad is being displayed on the very same website as my competitors. 
INSTANTLY, A Percentage Of All That Traffic That Was Going To My Competitor’s Site Stats Coming Into Mine Now Instead.
And if I want to pay more, guess what they’ll do? 

They’ll kick my competitors out.
Here’s My Question For You…
Let’s say you follow this funnel hacking process…

You find a funnel that works…

You model it and you make your own version…(you didn’t copy it, but modeled it)

You find out where these guys are getting all their traffic from… 

You go to the exact same website they’re getting traffic from and you buy ads (if possible) and model it…
Do You Think That If They’re Having Success, That YOU Can Have Success, As Well?

I get it…

You might be looking at this, at the Venus Factor numbers and thinking, “I just don’t know if I could do that!” 

That’s scary, right? 

100 grand a day, even for me, I’m like, “I don’t know if I could do that, that’s a lot.” 

But I’m curious…

If you do this process the right way and the model works…

And let’s say you totally screw it up and you only make 10% of what Venus Factor makes…
And you only make an extra 10 grand a day…

Don’t you think an EXTRA $10,000 every day would be pretty awesome?

And let’s say you try this process, and you totally, totally screw it up, and you only get 10% of the 10%… and you only make an extra thousand bucks a day. (That’s $30,000 a month)
Would An EXTRA $30,000 Every Month Radically Transform Your Life Right Now? That’s Pretty Awesome, Huh
And what if you tried this process, and you only get 10% of the 10%, of the 10%…and you only make an extra $100 bucks a day?
That’s Still An Extra $3,000 A Month!
What would you be able to do and accomplish with an extra three grand coming in every single month? 

Cover a car payment? 

Pay off your student loans? 

Or maybe buy a new car…the car you really want? 
I want you to understand something…
You Don’t Have To Get This Perfect To Be Successful. 
Even if you mess it up, you still have a funnel that’s going to work for you. 

I know you might be feeling a little bit like this right now…
We just covered an entire process that can and will literally 10X your business in the next 12 months. 

Look, I don’t want to leave you overwhelmed and without the things you need to make that happen in your business.  

So I wanted to do something special for you…

I created a really special packagethat’s going to give you guys everything you need to be successful.

I know that a funnel is the key for you guys to 10X your business in the next 12 months. 

I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. I know that’s the KEY.
I Created A Course Called
What you’re going to get when you invest in this Funnel Hacks training today, is a bunch of cool things…
You’re Going To Get ClickFunnels For FREE For The Next 12 Months. 
That means no monthly paymentsfor the next 12 months! 

You can use it…

You can build a funnel…or build 100 funnels, or build a thousand funnels!

Inside of a ClickFunnels account, you’re going to be able to build ALLtypes of funnels. 
You can build opt-in funnels to build lists…

   • You can build sales funnels…

   • You can build webinar funnels…

   • Auto-webinar funnels…

   • Product launch funnels…

   • Membership funnels…

You have funnels to generate leads, and funnels to sell your products. 

Build as many funnels as you want! 
And, when you get your ClickFunnels account, you’re also going to be able to get rid of a lot of things. 

In fact, our average ClickFunnels member right now saves over a thousand dollars a month the moment they start using it because of all the stuff they can get rid of. 
Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Can Get Rid Of The Second You Start Using ClickFunnels…
  •  Landing Page Software
  •  Split Test Software
  •  Shopping Cart
  •  Email Autoresponders
  •  Text Message Autoresponders
  •  Automated Webinar
  •  Affiliate Software
  •  Membership Site Software
  •  Photoshop
  •  Wordpress
  •  Website Hosting
  •  Programmers
  •  Designers
  •  Web Master.. and much more!
I was hanging out with Dean Graziosi a few days ago, who has generated $200 million selling real estate training…

Dean went from having a tech team of eight people to zero programmers now because of ClickFunnels.

It saves him hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. 
ClickFunnels should never cost you guys money…this should always be something that’s free.

I know you may be thinking,
“Well, Russell, what if I already have a ClickFunnels account?  I’m already a funnel hacker, this is awesome!” 
Or maybe you’re wondering, 
“I bought this last year, Russell, what do I do?”
First off, don’t stress out!  

Normally, in the past, we do not let people have this offer again for another FREE year. 

For today, for you guys only, we’re giving you that opportunity. 

If you get started today, we’ll bump out your billing for another year. That means you have basically two years for free.

Isn’t that awesome? 

And if you already have a ClickFunnels account, we’re going UPGRADE your account to the highest level, and you’ll still get ClickFunnels for free for the next 12 months. 

So, you’re going to get a 12 month account to ClickFunnels, total value $3,564.
You’ll Get Immediate Access To Not Just One Training Course, But TWO!
Training Course #1:
Funnel Hacks Masterclass
I’m going to give you Funnel Hacks, which shows you…
  •  How to get inside people’s funnels…
  •  How to find out what funnels are working…
  •  How much money they’re making…
  •  Where you find these people to funnel hack…
  •  …and much, much more!
 I help you reverse engineer your funnel, so you know exactly what to build. 
Training Course #2:
Funnel Builder Secrets
The second course is called Funnel Builder Secrets. 

This is what you give the person on your team who’s going to be building funnels. 

If you’re like, “I’m not techie, I don’t know what to do,” give them this course!  

This course gives them all the technical information, all the training, everything they need to build out a winning funnel. 

Inside this training, we’re going to go over a bunch of different things…
  •  We’ll talk about opt-in funnels…
  •  Sales funnels…
  •  Webinar funnels…
  •  Auto webinar funnels…
  •  Product launch funnels…
  •  Membership sites…
  •  And a whole bunch more! 
The first part of it is for you entrepreneurs, as the sales person. 

I’m going to talk about the strategy behind what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

The second half is the techie part, so if you don’t want to watch it, you can bring your tech guy, your tech gal, and they can watch it, and go and build the funnels for you.

You might be thinking,
“Russell, that’s cool, but I don’t have a tech guy or a tech gal… What should I do?” 
If you don’t have a tech guy or a tech gal, send one of your kids, and I promise you I’ll make them the most profitable employee on your team!

(Yes, I’m joking, but…)

I met Forbes Riley for the first time two nights ago, who came to me and gave me a big hug, and she said, “Russell Brunson, you have changed my life.”
I was like, “Are you kidding me? You’re crazy famous!”

I’m internet famous, but she’s a legit famous person.

She said, “This is my daughter right here. She’s built funnels for me, for Joe Theismann, and for a whole bunch of people, it works.” 

I’ve got twins that are 12 years old, and both of them have a ClickFunnels account, and both of them build funnels.
This is literally so simple, your kids could do it.
So if you don’t want to do it, have them be your funnel hackers and build the funnels for you. It works. 
Check out these success stories of people just like you who have gone through this same training… ( We’ve got tons!)
“With our new funnel, which is a webinar funnel, this month we got 35 new clients at $997 each. 

Now that we have the funnel perfected, we are on track to get 100 new clients this month alone!” 
– Liz Benny
Some of you are probably thinking,
“100 grand a month, I don’t know if I can do that!” 
I promise you, if you had asked Liz that four months before she launched this, she wouldn’t have believed you either. 

In fact, I had that exact conversation with her.  

She said, “I don’t know if it’s possible”.

But here’s what’s REALLY exciting…

Not only did Liz hit her “$100,000 in a month” milestone, but since then, she has hit our Two Comma Club, which means she generated over $1 Million with her funnelinside ClickFunnels. 

She didn’t know if it was possible…
…and then she went and 10X’d her business. 
And THIS is the process that shows you exactly how to do it.
“I’ve never had an actual funnel before ClickFunnels.

I followed Russell’s instructions, set up my sales funnel, bought my first ad, and on my very first try, sold eight people on my front-end, and two people bought my $197 upsell.”
– Mike Stanzyk
Pretty awesome, right?

Some people might read that and think, 
“He made 400 bucks, Russell, that’s not that big of a deal… 

What kind of success story is that?”
A HUGE one…

Did you actually see what he said? He said, “On my first try.” 

There are so many Entrepreneurs who have been trying to get this internet thing figured out for a while…

So many who have spent more than a month, or six months, or a year or more…

Maybe you’re one of them…
What would it have been worth to you to be successful on your very first try? 
It’s Worth A Lot.
“I followed the Funnel Hacks system, I found a funnel I liked, I modeled it, and on my very first test we doubled over on our ad spend. 

Put one dollar in and two dollars back out.”
– Simeon Cryer
People always ask me,
“Russell, my funnel’s done, what’s my advertising budget? 

Am I supposed to spend a million dollars a month on ads?” 
I always smile and answer, 

“Let me ask you a question…
Let’s say you follow the Funnel Hacks process the way I showed you…

You found a funnel that worked…

You modeled it…

You start driving ads…

You put a dollar of advertising in on Monday, and you get two dollars back out on Tuesday.
“What Do You Think Your Budget Should Be?”
They always answer, “Well, if I put a dollar in on Monday, I get two dollars back in on Tuesday, I’m going to put in a million dollars a day.” 

I said, “Exactly”.
When You Have A Funnel That Works, 
You Don’t Have An Advertising Budget. 
People always want to know how my ads everywhere. 
It’s simple. 

I don’t have an advertising budget.

I can spend as much money as I want. All day long. Every single day.

Because every one of my leads pay me before I introduce them to ClickFunnels. 
If you want to 10X your company…

If you want to destroy your competition, this is the key.
Drew Canole
Drew is the owner of Organifi, and the entrepreneur who 20X’d his company in Year #1 through his funnel.

I want to share this quick video with you because I want you understand that this isn’t just about money…

That’s awesome and all, but it’s about the lives we affect. 

I want you to hear from Drew how many lives are affected because of his funnel now…
So you might be saying to yourself,
“This is really cool, but I’m kind of in the startup phase right now. I don’t have a product yet.”
If you don’t have a product yet, don’t stress out at all. 

In fact, in your training, the very first thing we’ll go through is how to get started without a product. 

There’s two specific trainings… 

The first training is all about opt-in funnels, how your going to build lists and build leads for your business. 

I’ve got tons of friends who make over a million dollars a year, who don’t even have their own product. 
You Do NOT Have To Have Your Own Product! 
You can do this by generating leads…

Selling other people’s products…

Selling my products… 

The first training shows you how to build huge email lists, so you sell other people’s products. 
If you don’t have a product, go through this training first. 

If you want a great product, but you have no idea how to do it, we also have a fast product creation training that’ll show you exactly how to create your entire product line, and have it built out in a weekend. 

If you don’t have a product yet, that can no longer be an excuse for you, it’s forever gone, because now we’ve solved that problem for you…
   Here’s A Recap Of What You’re Going To Get…
The first thing you’re going to get is the ClickFunnels 12 month enterprise account for free, then you get the six week Funnel Hacks Masterclass, the Funnel Builder Secrets, total value of $6,561.
What Else Do You Guys Need To Be Successful?
What about more traffic

 I want to make sure that there are zero excuses. 

I want you to 10X your company in the next 12 months, I want zero excuses. 

I told you about one of my ways I get traffic, which works really, really well…but there’s a LOT of ways to get traffic. 

I also shared with you the story about John Reese, and his million-dollar day. 
When John made his million dollar day, he was selling a course called Traffic Secrets. 
Traffic obviously changes throughout the years, so a couple months ago, John went back through and rebuilt the entire training program, and I actually bought a copy from him. 

It was insanely good. 

He didn’t just go through one, or two, or 10 traffic sources…

He went through 125 different ways to get traffic!
I didn’t know that was even possible!

I called him up, and asked, “John, I’m going to be speaking at the 10X event… can I give everybody in the audience a free copy of Traffic Secrets?”   

Guess what he told me? 

He said, “No.” 

I was like, “What? Dude, everyone needs this, this is free unlimited leads for the rest of their lives!”

He said, “I know, but this is my course… but I’ll sell it.” 

So I got an idea…

I said “Okay John, what would it take for ME to be able to buy the company from you, so I can give this for free?” 

At first, he was like, “Dude, you can’t …I don’t just sell my businesses.” 
We went back and forth, and recently, I actually paid John just shy of a million dollars to buy the Traffic Secrets company from him.  

Apparently, banks have a rule you can’t wire a million dollars in one, so these are all the wires, seven wires I sent to John, and I bought the Traffic Secrets company from him. 
When You Get Started Today, You Also Get…
LIFETIME Access To Traffic Secrets For Free.
Here’s what I recommend…

Don’t try to do all 125 traffic sources at once.

Pick one…

Implement it…

Test it…

Drive traffic into your funnel…
And when it’s working, then do the second one, and the third…

Do this until you’ve got so many leads that all your competitors are GONE!
So Here’s What You’re Going To Get Again…
  •  You’re going to get a 12 month enterprise account with ClickFunnels…
  •  The six-week Funnel Hacks Masterclass…
  •  The Funnel Builder Secrets course…
  •  You also get lifetime access to Traffic Secrets…
A Total Value Of $8,558!
What Else Do You Need To Be Successful? 
What about the copy? 

This is the part a lot of you guys might not know about yet, but the copy is the most expensive part. 
Just For This Funnel Alone, It Cost Me $20,000!