Is the Apple Watch irritating your skin? Apple says you’re wearing it wrong


There’s a good chance that Apple will never live down its late co-founder and CEO’s curt email response to a customer complaining of reception issues with the iPhone 4. “You’re holding it wrong,” Jobs wrote, suggesting that the phone was working fine and any reception issues were the user’s fault.

Then, Antennagate happened.

Apple would never issue an official response like that to a potential problem, but one explanation of the skin irritation that some users are experiencing with the new Apple Watch actually might fall along the same lines.

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This accessory might fix the worst thing about the Apple Watch


The worst thing about the Apple Watch is, in my opinion, its battery life. Even though the device will comfortably last for more than a day, you’ll still have to carry a second charger with you for the Watch, and constantly take it off to recharge it. Otherwise, you might find yourself seeing it go into battery reserve mode when you least expect it.

While Apple’s battery technology is not quite where the company wants it to be, Watch accessory makers might soon fix this pressing issue.

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If Apple kills free Spotify streaming, it will make Beats Music even more hated than Tidal


When I heard that Apple was pressuring record companies to effectively kill Spotify’s free streaming tier this morning, I’ll admit I was surprised. Not because I think Apple is some altruistic good guy, of course, but more because Apple is normally much smarter when it comes to going after competitors.

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Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Emoji to Resemble Apple’s Collection [iOS Blog]


Microsoft has included several redesigned emoji in Windows 10 that resemble Apple’s emoji found on iPhone, iPad and Mac, including a wide range of faces and even the “sassy” information desk person (via Emojipedia). The update also includes skin tone modifiers, the middle finger, a new haircut emoji and more, although country flags are still not supported on the upcoming operating system.

Apple vs Microsoft Emojis
Windows 10 is currently available in beta for developers and is expected to be released to the public in July. The latest version of Windows will deliver a unified experience and platform integration that will make it easy to put one device down and continue where you left off on another device. The software update will be free for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users for the first year.

Many emoji character sets have been incorporated into Unicode, resulting in the icons being standardized across multiple platforms…

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OPINION: Should Brendan Rodgers Be Sacked?

View From the Press Box

Northern Irish manager Brendan Rodger joined Liverpool from Swansea in June 2012. He had done well with Swansea and so a lot was expected from him, maybe too much.

Rodgers has become the first Liverpool manager not to win a trophy in their first three years at the club. Not only that, the club is performing well below par.

Last season Liverpool fans were delighted as now Barcelona man Luis Suarez lit up the premier League. They were at the top of the table for a long period, but slipped up, (literally) and handed the title to Manchester City.

Rodgers was praised last season for being one of the best managers in the Premier League, but soon after Suarez left, things changed; drastically. Liverpool fans found out it wasnt Rodger’s being an excellent manager, but it was Suarez being a great player himself and also improving the performance of his…

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