Paris Saint-Germain 1-3 Barcelona: Neymar, Suarez lift Barca to huge advantage after away leg (video)


Barcelona wisely rode the backs of Luis Suarez and Neymar to a 3-1 victory, and UEFA Champions League quarterfinal lead, away to Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday, setting themselves up to reach the competition’s semifinal stage for the seventh time in eight seasons.

[ UCL ROUNDUP: Atletico-Real | Juve-Monaco ]

The first chance of the game fell to Lionel Messi. With 13 minutes on the clock, Luis Suarez’s cross found the Argentine superstar at the top of the penalty area, where he took one touch to settle and wrapped his lethal left foot around the ball and crafted a curling shot for Salvatore Sirigu’s right-hand post, but drew only woodwork as the ball clanged off the post and back into play.

Messi managed to link up with Neymar in the 18th minute to give Barcelona a 1-0 lead. Messi’s through ball played the Brazilian winger behind the last PSG defender, leaving Neymar with nothing more…

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Porto 3-1 Bayern Munich: Defensive blunders undo Bayern in the first leg (video)


Porto pulled off the shock result of the UEFA Champions League, so far, knocking off Bayern Munich, 3-1, in the first leg of their quarterfinal tie, thanks in large part to a series of calamitous errors from the German champions.

Major controversy struck early on as Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer took down Jackson Martinez inside the penalty area with barely 80 seconds on the clock. In truth, Neuer should have seen red, because if not for taking Martinez down, the Colombian would have rolled the ball over the line into an empty net.

[ UCL ROUNDUP: Atletico-Real | Juve-Monaco ]

Instead, Neuer was shown a yellow card and Porto were awarded a penalty kick, which Ricardo Quaresma stepped up to take. The Portuguese attacker sent Neuer one way and slotted his shot into the opposite corner for a 1-0 lead to the hosts.

Porto doubled their lead in the 10th minute…

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Using Facebook for Best Business Results

Dynamic Perception

Social media is being dominated by Facebook by leaps and bounds and it shows. Almost every person having access to the Internet is connected in some way or the other by social networking, and the most popular platform is certainly Facebook. I had my own Facebook account created way back when the company was in its infancy and Orkut ruled the minds and hearts of youngsters. As time rolled by, several social medial platforms emerged and died a premature death but Facebook still continues to rule the roost.

Why use Facebook for Business?

As everybody is aware that you can open out to the world using Facebook, it also works best for spreading the word about your business. You may either link your existing personal FB account to a new business page or create an all-new business page by itself. Some of the best reasons I figured out for using…

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5 Tips to Better Brand Yourself

Texas AMA


The most essential tool a professional can possess is their personal brand. If constructed effectively, it can articulate your skills, knowledge, and overall worth in today’s competitive industry. A successful personal brand not only makes you stand out from the crowd but can also elevate you to the next level of achieving your goals. It’s important to do extensive research when beginning to develop your personal brand, but here are 5 additional tips to help you better your brand.

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The Benefits of Being an Introbiz Member

Introbiz Marketing

There are so many benefits to being a member of the Introbiz network. As soon as you join, you automatically enter into our word of mouth referrals, so it’s like having a sales team on board with you, potentially opening the doors to more business for you. Plus, we like telling everyone about the great members we’re lucky enough to have in the network so it’s certainly a win win!

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we’re happy that we can offer discounts at some restaurants dotted around Cardiff, discounts on corporate hospitality events, and even social media and networking training.

Here is a list of the current members’ benefits you can enjoy:

  • Every company receives an Introbiz conference folder
  • A 20% discount card for the Duchess of Delhi restaurant, Cardiff Bay
  • A 20% discount card for Cote Brasserie, Cardiff Bay
  • Exclusive Lexus and Toyota affinity offers
  • Discounts on…

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Still not sure about the Apple Watch? This company will let you rent one


One of the biggest questions surrounding the Apple Watch, and coincidentally one of the things that might separate the Apple Watch from traditional watches, surrounds value retention. How much money will the $350 Sport model be worth a year from now? The stainless steel model? And what about that $17,000 Apple Watch Edition — will it hold its value down the road or depreciate rapidly?

There are plenty of good reasons to skip the Apple Watch at launch (and some awful reasons to skip it), but this is certainly one of the biggest. Beginning soon, however, you’ll be able to obtain an Apple Watch without actually having to purchase one.

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How China is helping Apple developers make tons of cash


Historic levels of iPhone sales in China are helping fuel a booming iOS app economy, according to a new analysis.

Mobile app market tracker App Annie says software in Apple’s iOS App Store now earns 70% more revenue than apps in Android’s Google Play store, TechCrunch reports. That’s up from 60% versus Google in 2014’s third quarter.

TechCrunch credits the widening gap to massive sales of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China:

China’s importance to the app industry cannot be understated. China has, for the first time since App Annie has been measuring iOS downloads by country (July 2010), surpassed the U.S. in quarterly iOS downloads in the first quarter of 2015.

But while China is seeing a rise in new iPhone owners purchasing iOS apps, the U.S. still leads in terms of overall app revenue. Meanwhile, emerging markets account for most Google Play app downloads…

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Google Wants To Use Your E-Mail Address To Provide Targeted Advertising


(Bill Binns) (Bill Binns)
If you’re a Gmail user, or one of the millions of workers whose employer now uses Gmail as their email platform, you could soon be seeing new ads targeted directly at you in your Google search results.

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How to Manage Your Social Media with Hootsuite?

Eddie's Essential

When it comes to managing your social media sites, Hootsuite is a fantastic software platform to use. With Hootsuite you can schedule posts and collaborate with others on the content you will be delivering to the public.

Hootsuite is integrated with all the major social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, WordPress, and more.

But the capabilities with Hootsuite don’t end with just monitoring and posting content. It also allows for users to search and follow specific tags and keywords. It is a central hub for users, both marketers and consumers alike to gather analytics and reports.

Hootsuite is a powerful tool to see the level of engagement, views, and activities with individuals posts. The reports are extensive in natural and can help gain insight to what works and what doesn’t work when posting promotional and educational content.

After understanding what Hootsuite has to offer, they also offer…

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Facebook: A Workplace Friend or Foe?

The Spires Serviced Apartments

When we think Facebook, we think of it as an online tool that keeps us connected with our social circle: we follow people who are friends; we post photos to show where we have been, and we write statuses to detail what is going on in our worlds. Up till now, any connection Facebook has had with people’s professional lives has probably tended to be in relation to being berated for inappropriate use of it at work or posting things that do not align with company values i.e. those infamous dodgy work nights out photos! Effectively, Facebook is where we live our out-of-office lives: no work allowed. However, in January, a new Facebook initiative was piloted which has the potential turn this on its head: “Facebook at Work”.

As was reported by Buying Business Travel in their March/April 2015 edition, not a lot has been released on “FB@ Work” due…

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