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Joining up housing and mental health

The role of housing goes far beyond physical shelter and safety. It introduces people to a community to which they can belong, a space which is their own, a communal setting where they can make friends, form relationships and a place where they can go for support, social interaction and reduce feelings of loneliness and […]



Microsoft Calls on Governments to Stop Stockpiling Dangerous Software

In the wake of a major cyber attack that affected hospitals and other services in more than 150 countries, Microsoft has urged governments to stop their stockpiling of dangerous software that can be weaponized if leaked. “The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call,” Microsoft President and chief legal officer…


“A Phased Approach” – How to Decode the EU’s Brexit Guidelines

European Union Council President Donald Tusk sent draft Brexit negotiating guidelines to leaders of Britain’s 27 EU partners on Friday, hoping to agree them on April 29 so that negotiations on British withdrawal can begin. These are key points of the 8-page draft, seen by Reuters: PHASED APPROACH If “sufficient progress” towards agreeing the terms…


You Will Either Love or Hate This New Facebook Messenger Feature

Facebook will add a feature to its Messenger app on Monday to allow users to share their locations, the company said, ramping up competition with tools offered by Apple and Alphabet’s Google Maps. The company has found that one of the most used phrases on Messenger as people talk to friends and family is “How…


Here’s How Much Businesses Worldwide Will Spend on Cybersecurity by 2020

There’s nothing like the fear of being hacked to make businesses willing to spend cash on cybersecurity tools and services. In 2020, these organizations are expected to spend $101.6 billion on cybersecurity software, services, and hardware, according to research released Wednesday by the International Data Corporation. This equates to a 38% increase from the $73.7…


Yahoo Suffers Massive Data Breach, Recode Reports

Yahoo will confirm this week a massive data breach of its service, technology news website Recode reported Thursday, citing several sources close to the situation. The breach exposed several hundred million user accounts, Recode reported. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. Verizon Communications vz bought Yahoo’s core Icnternet properties, including Yahoo search and Yahoo mail,…


Here’s One Way Microsoft Is Trying To Improve Relations in China

Microsoft wants to improve its business relationship with the Chinese government. The technology giant said Monday that it plans to open a so-called transparency center in Beijing intended for government tech workers to test and analyze Microsoft products for security. Scott Charney, Microsoft’s corporate vice president in charge of making sure Microsoft msft products comply…


How Better Technology Benefits Companies and Hackers Alike

Take a moment to consider how technology has changed the way companies do business. Employees can now work from the comfort of their homes using laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The rise of cloud computing, in which companies buy computing capacity on demand, means that businesses don’t have to build huge data centers. Information technology…


Samsung may bring the iris scanner to its mid-range smartphones

(Source: http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg) Samsung may bring the iris scanner to its mid-range smartphones One of the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is the iris scanner which adds another layer of security on the device against unauthorized access. If you’ve seen the video above, you would know that the iris scanner unlocks very fast and […]


Microsoft’s Newest Tool Keeps Corporate Data on Lockdown

Microsoft has a new way to lock down your company’s precious data. The technology announced new security tool for its Azure cloud computing service on Wednesday that lets businesses assign rules and access rights to corporate data so that only the intended person can access it. The service, called Microsoft Azure Information Protection, is essentially…