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Business Cost Reduction Services

Introducing a new Business Cost Reduction services partner “Be My Business Analyst”.

Be My Business Analyst is a fully independent and unbiased free to access Business to Business Analysis consultancy specialising in audit and procurement and cost reduction evaluation regarding Water, Utilities, Energy Audit services, Finance and Accountancy, Business Supplies, IT, Communications, Fire and Security, Facilities Management and Telematics.

They can save home owners and most businesses hundreds if not thousands of pounds off their annual costs.

If you would like to now more please feel free to contact them now on 01670 719090 (mentioning Business Network Wales) or click the link below and register your interest.  You will then get a call back in order to help you to start saving on your business services and supplies. Together WE Communicate.

We are currently also focusing on offering  savings to companies in Scotland on their water rates. Our 2 main partners are linked below.

Welcome to Cobalt Water | Business Water Services

After major technical and financial issues with our water supplier we were fortunate to find Cobalt Water who supplied expertise, great service and reduced costs.

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Clear Business Water – Water Supply | Waste Water Service

Clear Business Water Scotland delivering water supply and waste water services to businesses across Scotland at the best possible price.

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A very important point is that all partners are UK based for customer service even our direct BT partnership is London based with links to BT local for the whole UK.

Our simple approach is to get current billing either in paper, electronic or online  formats and we can provide a quick, professional and accurate report to enable the clients to access products and prices that will reduce their costs and increase their service and support ongoing.

For more about our service or to subscribe to our FREE Business cost reduction services, please visit our website:




The Business Cost Reduction Services page is written “By Mike Armstrong”
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