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The UK Business and Sports News Blog is written By MA Consultancy who are an UK SEO Agency.  The UK SEO Agency are also a UK Marketing Company who are based in Wales.  This UK SEO Agency specialises in Onsite and Offsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services as well as SEO Consultancy and SEO Training.  

The UK SEO Agency can provide you with SEO Consultants UK /  Search Engine Consultants UK, Marketing Consultants UK / Web Marketing Consultants UK as well as Social Media Marketing Consultants UK / SMM Consultants UK.  

Our SEO Consultants can provide the following SEO services to businesses throughout the UK.

  • Onsite Optimisation – Blogging, Content, Keywords, Meta Tags & Descriptions etc.
  • Offsite Optimisation – Link Building, Citations, Video & Picture Marketing, Blogger Out reach program and Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Consultancy & SEO Training

If you are looking for any of the the SEO Services that we can provide, then please get in touch by either calling: 07517 024979 or by

Additional Sales & Marketing Services:

UK Sales & Marketing Company MA CONSULTANCY are also;

  • Business marketing consultants,
  • Sales & marketing consultants,
  • E-commerce consultants,
  • Search engine consultants,
  • Search marketing consultants,
  • Website marketing consultant,
  • Social media consultants
  • Sales and marketing Trainers,
  • Web marketing Trainers,
  • SEO Trainers,
  • Social Media Marketing Trainers
  • Outsourced Sales & Marketing & Web Marketing service providers

We specialise in dealing with many different business sectors including;

  • B2B product & services,
  • B2C products & services,
  • Business Networking Clubs,
  • Business Events,
  • Event Marketing
  • E-commerce & Retail Businesses,
  • The UK Credit Industry,
  • Financial & Legal Sectors
  • UK Wedding Industry
  • Business Data Sector and many other industries.

Unique Selling Points

By offering all of the Sales & Marketing services combined, and with the vast and varied amount of experience we have picked up along the way, MA Consultancy can offer many unique selling points (USP’s) over many other marketing companies including cost savings and time / efficiency savings, as well as a more joined up sales and marketing strategy and implementation plan helping to limit duplication and wastage.

Contact the UK SEO Agency, today if any of the following apply to you:

  • Are you looking to get your website higher up the search engine page rankings?
  • Do you want to increase or improve your sales performance or grow your social media following?
  • Are you planning on Starting a Telesales or Field Sale Team?
  • Do you need help planning for or attending a large exhibition or other corporate event soon?
  • Are you looking to develop a sales & marketing strategy or road-map for your business?
  • Are you initiating a new venture, wanting to shift your team’s thinking or seeking to implement new plans?
  • Are you conscious that you should be embracing new technologies and interacting with your customers more but can’t find the time?
  • Do you want to grow your business and increase your sales without having to take on more people?
  • Are you caught up in the day to day running of your business and looking for new ideas?
  • Are you failing to do enough Social Media and Website Marketing and looking for help?
  • Have you run out of businesses ideas and are looking for stimulation?
  • Are you a technophobe and looking for help with getting to grips with new marketing technologies?

Also please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of these additional Business Advertising  opportunities from the UK SEO Agency!

In addition to SEO Services, we can market and advertise your business to our large UK business (or consumer) community via our many existing social media followers.  This would be via our many Business Blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages & Regional Marketing Brands but we can also advertise your business via partnerships that we have with Local and National Business, Consumer & Trade Magazines, Community Engagement Platforms, Business Directory Apps and Business Clubs & Exhibitions etc.

Website Training

Business News Blogs 

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing Accounts

UK Business & Sports News

Regional Marketing Brands
Additional Business Advertising Opportunities

Who we work with?

We have built up a vast amount of experience working with various different businesses of different sizes, different geographical locations and with different target markets and different target audiences which has given us the experience and know how to get great results for our clients whoever they are and in whatever sector they operate.

The vast experience we have in getting results ensures that our consultants will provide you with the right advice and strategy for you to grow your business.

Areas covered by the UK SEO Agency:

Although based in Wales we are a UK SEO Agency offering a range of UK marketing services to businesses across the UK including all of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, so wherever you are please get in touch?

You can get in touch by Either calling: 07517 024979 or Emailing:

The UK SEO Agency page was written “By Mike Armstrong” from UK SEO Agency MA Consultancy

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